4Tel Celebrates 20 Years of Business

Monday, 23 March 2020, NEWCASTLE: This month 4Tel celebrated 20 years of business. The family-owned business has evolved from a telecommunications consultancy to delivering international software and hardware solutions for major transport operators.

4Tel have filled an industry gap by providing network-wide situational awareness through innovative solutions. These innovations include 4Trak™ for real-time asset tracking, 4PTW for worksite protection, 4PIDS™ for passenger information, 4Port for managing truck movements and container lifts, and 4Site™ for remote monitoring of field equipment.

The future continues to look bright for 4Tel with the development of the Horus system, which harnesses the benefits of modern Artificial Intelligence technology to assist a driver in the safe operation of a locomotive.

To explore more of the 4Tel journey please visit our interactive timeline here: http://bit.ly/timeline4tel


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