4Tel Africa Strengthens Research Agreement with the University of Pretoria

20181128 4TelAfricaTX228 NOVEMBER 2018

Willem Janse van Rensburg, the Managing Director of 4Tel Africa, the local subsidiary of 4Tel Australia, attended the annual University of Pretoria Railway Research and Training Review.

The function, under the auspices of Professor Hannes Grabe, Chairs in Transnet Railway Engineering and Railway Safety, was opened by Prof Wynand Steyn, Head of Department (HOD) of the Department of Civil Engineering who gave an overview of the new Engineering developments at the University of Pretoria and stressed the importance of data science as an emerging field in research and the support of research projects.

Professor Steyn delivered an overview of achievements and developments in the Faculty of Civil Engineering and the establishment of new research facilities, which would include a dedicated railway track section and laboratory.

An overview of the current, and future, work in the fields of railway operations and safety culminated in presentations by the current post graduate students.

The development of “Smart Pebbles”, microprocessor based computational and measurement devices that could be embedded in railway ballast to measure the real time, three-dimensional movement, of the railway bed under active load conditions, by PhD candidate Andre Broekman was of particular interest.

The function provided 4Tel Africa the opportunity to strengthen the co-operation with the Chair in Railway Engineering and, in addition to the establishment of a three year research sponsorship, Mr Willem Janse van Rensburg presented Professor Grabe with an NVIDIA TX2 development environment to bolster the computational capabilities of the Faculty of Engineering.



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