Customer Help and Information Point with 4Trak Real-time Information

4PIDS CHIPDuring the last week of October 2016, NSW Trains undertook the commissioning of their new Customer Help and Information Point (CHIP) system. The first station to have one of these new devices installed was Orange as illustrated in the photo (right).
The project is continuing the installation of these CHIP units throughout NSW Trains regional stations significantly improving the customer experience via the display of real time passenger information, something previously not available for regional commuters.
This was all made possible through the integration of 4Tel's 4PIDS software into the NSW Trains CHIP unit, which then communicates with the 4Trak server delivering real-time passenger information.
The compact, vandal-proof, and cost-effective solution delivering accurate service running information to regional passengers ensures they can now enjoy station passenger information equivalent to that of their metropolitan counterparts.
This project is part of Transport for New South Wales strategy to deliver better services to regional passengers.   4Tel is delighted to be involved and assist in delivering this vision.

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