4Tel Commences Operations in Santiago, Chile

4Tel has commenced operations in Chile with the appointment of two Business Development staff to lead the company’s expansion into South America.  The two new appointments come after several successful missions to South American countries and to companies met through various conferences and meetings.

The two new staff are:    
1.    Macarena Fuentes Gonzalez, Business Development Manager or Gerente de Desarrollo de Negocios (full-time)
2.    Ramiro Messina, Senior Business Development Manager or Gerente Senior de Desarrollo de Negocios (part-time)

Macarena, is an Australian solicitor with a background in business development for the mining sector.  She is engaged full-time to assist in setting up 4Tel’s operations in Latin American (LATAM) markets and assisting with legal counsel.

Ramiro is an Australian Civil Engineer with over 15 years of global sales, business development and complex solution introduction experience and has successfully opened and managed two branch offices in Chile.  He has extensive knowledge of the mining and transport sectors and will work part-time assisting in the technical component of contract negotiations.

Together Ramiro and Macarena will lead 4Tel into providing safe and efficient digital systems which will benefit the public and private transportation networks throughout the LATAM markets.  4Tel looks forward to a long relationship with our new team and future clients.

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