4Tel’s Oscar GPS Tracker Project Success

NSW Trains Devices website4Tel successfully delivered on-time, 55 GPS (Global Positioning System) tracking devices that utilise 3/4G mobile data communications, to NSW Trains for installation on the Outer Suburban Cars (OSCAR) electric train sets.  These 4Tel provisioned devices replace a legacy unit which no longer works due to the close-down of the 2G mobile network.  The devices transmit the train's location to the NSW Trains 4Trak train tracking server, which allows NSW Trains to track their trains against the respective operating timetables to provide customers with real-time train running information.

Derel Wust, Managing Director of 4Tel, advised "We are delighted with the response from the NSW Trains project manager, who is very happy with the project quality and timeliness of our delivery."

Manmeet Kaur, Manager Systems & Compliance , advised "(It has been a) Great effort by the whole team. It has been appreciated by everyone including top management."

Manmeet continued: "(Please) refer to the Good News story about the project in this latest edition of Fleet news (Page 11).) (See attached PDF)

4Tel’s 4Trak system is widely used across the Australian transport industry and now tracks not only freight, passenger and coal trains, but also coaches and ships.  As a result of regular 4Trak enhancements, 4Tel has been able to use this real-time tracking information to provide a variety of customised real-time information management solutions to improve the efficiency and network performance for transport networks.  4Trak has been in service since 2008, and continues to be the leading industry tracking system, capable of tracking large fleets and providing real-time service running and performance information.

For more information about this project please contact our team. Alternatively, information about 4Trak can be found via the 4Tel website, located at:




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