25,000 Electronic Authorities

25000 Electronic AuthoritiesThe benefits from Electronic Authority functionality are being fully realised for Transport for NSW’s Country Regional Network with the 25,000th Electronic Authority issued today, 25 August 2015. Since commissioning, over 99% of train orders on the CRN have been issued as an Electronic Authorities. This milestone demonstrates the success of the technology commissioned on June 25 2015, by John Holland Group and 4Tel.

A few interesting facts about Electronic Authorities:

  • Electronic Authorities improve safety for train order working in the Country Regional Network by 30%*
  • The time taken for authority issue has been reduced by 90%
  • Track availability has improved with trains now reporting at every location along their authority
  • 99% of train orders have been issued as an Electronic Authority since commissioning

*This was determined by the independent Functional Safety Assessor engaged as part of project implementation.

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