NSW Country Regional Network (CRN)

CRNMap 4504Tel provides train control and telecommunications systems support for the 16 lines of the NSW Country Rail Network under a support contract to John Holland Rail as per the map.  The multi-million dollar, multi-year contract commenced in December 2010, with the system commissioned in January 2012.  4Tel now has a full-time maintenance and support contract until June 2021.

4Tel has deployed two main train control technologies to safely and efficiently manage such a vast area with very few staff; train orders for most single track rural lines, and Centralised Train Control using Rail Vehicle Detection for a dual-track line in the mid-west area.

Extensive broadband voice and data communications are used, with most communications to trains being public Carrier satellite or 3/4G mobile telephone-based.

Features of the contract are:

  • Remote control 16 rail lines spread across NSW Australia from Newcastle
  • Remotely manage 12 operational interfaces to interstate and metropolitan rail lines
  • Significantly minimised use of trackside infrastructure to reduce field maintenance costs
  • Two Control Boards for Train Order Working operating to SIL-2 used on 2,246 km
  • Each Board manages 20 to 30 trains, and 40 to 60 movement authorities, per day
  • Migration to full digital authorities at SIL-2 in due course
  • One Control Board for Rail Vehicle Detection with centralised train control used on 160 km
  • Comprehensive GPS tracking of trains and their operating parameters
  • Comprehensive monitoring of many thousands of wayside device data points
  • Automated access and billing for train operations for enhanced cash flow
  • Extensive use of Carrier mobile telephone and satellite, voice and data communications, for rail safety operations
  • Provision of UHF radio communications, including base-stations and user radios
  • A back-up Disaster Recovery Facility in a separate location
  • 10 years full maintenance support using formal Level 1 (first line), Level 2 (network management) and Level 3 (manufacturer support) staff and services structure

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