4Tel 4PIDS™ Providing V/Line Regional Rail Link with Real-Time Train Location Data

PIDSonRRL4Tel 4PIDS™ software is now providing real-time train location information to passengers on six Regional Rail Link stations. The system is operational on Footscray, Sunshine, Tarneit, Wyndham Vale, Deer Park and Ardeer stations.

4Tel 4PIDS™ is a software solution for processing GPS and/or track-circuit data to create a real-time information feed to Passenger Information Displays (PIDS). This complete end-user solution features automated Voice-over-IP announcements to a Public Address system and Help Points located around a station.

The 4Tel 4PIDS™ system operates by using a centralised server to collect train position data from GPS receivers and/or track-circuit signalling telemetry, and comparing it with the scheduled timetable. This provides a complete and up-to-the minute accurate passenger information service.

The system is very reliable because if real-time track-circuit data from signalling telemetry systems lost, the system then uses GPS data. If this track-circuit data is lost, the system defaults to scheduled timetabled data display. This means that at all times, the best available information is disseminated to the public via the automated voice announcements and electronic displays.

4Tel 4PIDS™ is a cost effective solution to deliver real-time passenger information as it significantly reduces the need for heavy investment into additional hardware. By focusing on the software system’s capabilities to interoperate between existing devices, 4Tel has been able to deliver an innovative PIDS system within a project’s constraints.

4Tel Pty Ltd is proud to be associated with the Regional Rail Link project. Having only been commissioned to commence works on the PIDS displays in mid-2014, 4Tel was able to deliver the first two 4PIDS™ systems in December 2014 at Sunshine and Footscray Stations.

4Tel was initially commissioned to provide six stations with the 4PIDS™ system and has since secured a contract for a further selected 33 V/Line stations across Victoria.

The 4PIDS™ system has enabled 4Tel staff to expand the capabilities of one of the company’s key software products - 4Trak® for a public end-user application. 4Trak® is a complex tracking software system used by many above and below rail operators in Australia to create better situational awareness of the location of trains, vehicles and personnel in the field. In this application, the 4PIDS™ system is able to use the tracking information to deliver real-time information to the public.

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For more information about 4PIDS click here.

A description of the RRL project can be found at https://www.victrack.com.au/projects/past-projects/regional-rail-link

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