Artificial Intelligence

Horus Visual Detection Signal detection4Tel and University of Newcastle Robotics are working together to develop specialist artificial intelligence and deep machine learning systems for use in the rail environment.  Using driverless car technologies, our team has been able to use the hardware systems to develop 'Horus' which is an artifical intelligent system to assist train drivers in detecting hazards in the rail corridor.

Rail corridors rarely change making it ideal to explore and develop real-time visual detection software. By capturing the corridor master sequence and then using on-board super-machine visual processing, the corridor information is cross checked with a detailed database enabling the system to detect if a trespasser or object is in a potentially dangerous position to the trains path. While the system won't stop incidents from happening, it will minimise the impact from earlier response.

The system is also deisgned to aid driver safety through engaging in detecting the signal aspect and alerting the driver to potential issues, like a Signal Passed at Danger (SPAD) or exceeding the trains authority. 

The benefits are yet to be realised but the expected outcomes include:

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