4ASSETS - An Asset Management System

4Asset4ASSETS is used to manage the static information about devices and their maintenance history to allow for better asset control. The software then interfaces to other 4Tel systems such as 4Site to monitor a device's specific operating status if a fixed asset device, or 4Trak to monitor a device's location and movements if a mobile device.

The software uses a MySQL or SQL database and webpage front end to allow staff access to any inventory data over an Intranet or Internet service. The software can be configured to alert users when licence renewals or programmed services are due.

4ASSETS features:
  • Use of an Internet or Intranet browser
  • Compatibility with smart phones
  • An open architecture for data interoperability
  • Low costs to deploy
  • Automatic reporting
  • Compatibility with 4Site and 4Trak servers to provide real-time data


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