4ABS - An Access & Billing System

4ABSThe safe and effective delivery of network management from a control centre requires key functions such as train reporting, event reporting and usage billing to be managed effectively. 4ABS has been designed to meet these needs.

4ABS uses a MySQL or SQL database and webpages to display any access and billing history data that will allow better management of rail network access over an Intranet or the Internet.

The primary functions of 4ABS are:

  • Recording and managing train running information for billing purposes
  • Recording of events that impact on or are relevant to train operations billing
  • Provision of essential information for shift handover
  • Recording of train delay information against train plans
  • To maintain train-consist details and train manifest information for train billing and reporting
  • Generation of reports
4ABS features:
  • Use of an Internet or Intranet browser
  • An open architecture for data interoperability
  • Low cost to deploy
  • Automatic reporting
  • Compatibility with external servers to provide real-time data
  • Links with back-office systems for billing generation


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