Worksite Protection

Horrocks App interface for rugged device4Tel has developed a suite of products designed to increase the safety of track workers. Most recently, 4Tel developed an app which creates a Track Occupancy Authority that is interlocked into the control system, and gives track workers the same level of protection as a train.

The improvement opportunities that we have aimed to solve are:

  • The reduction of verbal communications as human error in transcription can potentially lead to unsafe situations
  • Improvement of location assurance as misunderstanding of worksite limits can potentially lead to unsafe situations
  • Improvement in assurance that the agreed arrangements are clearly understood, as in the past there was no assurance that arrangements have been accurately communicated
  • Improved competency management that ensures Protection Officers are qualified to do the work that they are about to do

Since the app integrates into the control room, it has heavily reduced the reliance on voice relay exchange and paper-based forms. By automating the process between the Protection Officer (PO) and the Network Control Officer (NCO), 4Tel has been able to decrease the time and increase the accuracy of the process.

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