Back-End Management Systems

TechDesk 2 small4Tel has been able to use the best of the Internet-of-Things (IoT) technologies to monitor and maintain field equipment. Through automated interfaces, 4Tel can detect outages or unresponsive equipment, and allocate resources to respond - all from a centralised office. In areas as large as the regional rail networks of Australia, staff costs and travel times can often be a significant burden to budgets, making rail maintenance very expensive. Reducing the cost of maintenance support allows rail owners to improve responses to issues with resources better allocated.

All our solutions have been customised to the needs of our rail clients.
Systems include:

  • 4Site - For remotely managing site infrastructure
  • 4Site-LXM - specialised software that interfaces with remote level crossings
  • 4Assets - Recording keeping database for all assets locally and remotely.

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