Real-Time Visibility of land and sea Port Operations

Container ships in a port

4Port - The Complete Port Solution

4Tel can provide port operators with better real-time visibility of cargo movements. The 4Trak™ tracking
system is capable of capturing real-time performance of trucks, ships, trains and wagons in and around a port yard.


4Tel’s 4Port software enables operators to monitor and record large sets of data regarding truck movements and container lifts for stevedoring operations.
This data is collated and displayed on an interactive dashboard built by 4Tel’s team of software engineers. It is the optimal design for clear, concise and accurate data collection and display. Separate customised interfaces are available to view road and rail operations within and around the port.


The 4Port software equips staff to manage and efficiently plan operations using available information. Performance measuring tools incorporated into 4Port can include trip information for ships, rail, and road; calendar views incorporating weekends and non-working day timeslots; slot booking; and rail yard maps. The 4Port software can also incorporate different functionality and access for different users such as port authorities, stevedores, and rail operators.


4Port streamlines multiple sources of data into one system. Management staff are able to focus on future planning and expansion as 4Port collates ship, road, rail, and stevedore information. This ensures that informed solutions can be developed for challenges such as landside or port congestion.
4Tel offer complete customisation of software packages so the ideal solution can be developed, ensuring 4Port is always scalable and cost effective.


Real-time GPS tracking

Powerful and accurate GPS tracking is available through the 4Trak™ system


4Tel are the owner of all key software products involved, so complete customisation is available.

Road & Rail Management

View data and manage both road and rail operations around the site. Complete tasks for multiple networks within an interoperable interface. 

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4Tel Products

4Port is a comprehensive software system, paired with 4Trak™ mobile tracking to provide a complete solution.



Mobile tracking of personel, vehicles and assets through real-time GPS. 

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To find out more information or request a demonstration please get in contact with us via our contact page.

Find out more

To find out more information or request a demonstration please get in contact with us via our contact page.

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