4Tel can design and install an end-to-end, bespoke Light Rail Management System

Newcastle Light Rail Tram at Honeysuckle

The 4LRMS™ Solution

4Tel's light rail solution is called the 4Tel Light Rail Management System (4LRMS™) and it is equipped to manage and streamline key components of a modern metropolitan light rail network. 4LRMS™ includes a flexible, customisable feature set which can include over-speed protection, the integration of on-board radio, WIFI, CCTV and Help Points. Along with passenger information displays, remote control of points and switches and performance monitoring through real-time GPS tracking.

4LRMS™ signalling options support both Rail Vehicle Detection and Line of Sight methods of Safe Working. 4Tel provides remote control and monitoring of signalling related infrastructure such as indicators, points and signals. 4Tel’s Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning system ‘HORUS’ can also be included for enhanced operational safety and automatic basic hazard monitoring.

The 4LRMS™ solution has already been successfully commissioned on the Newcastle Light Rail Network in NSW, Australia.

Newcastle Light Rail. Tram pulling up at Honeysuckle station


Designed for future growth

4LRMS™  is designed ready for expansion. As the light rail service grows, 4Tel can accommodate it.


4Tel’s interoperable systems enable connection to other public transport networks beyond light rail.

Authorised Engineering Organisation

4Tel is an Authorised Engineering Organisation and have experience developing safety rated products.

Real-Time GPS

4Trak™ provides accurate, real-time GPS data on light rail vehicle locations

Completely Customisable

 4Tel owns its key software and can customise its products to suit different network and project requirements.

Key Light Rail Products

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Multi-mode passenger information, 4PIDS™ software solution processes GPS and track circuit data to create real-time information feed for all displays.

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Real-time GPS tracking for light rail vehicles (LRVs) and remote asset management. Track performance metrics against scheduled timetables.

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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

HORUS Advanced Drivery Advisory System for increased safety outcomes and basic hazard monitoring. HORUS utilises machine learning and AI systems.

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Light Rail Management Systems

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Bespoke Light Rail Management Systems

4Tel are experienced in designing and implementing digital systems for light rail networks. Download our light rail flyer for more information

Light Rail Managment System

Light Rail Managment System

4LRMS™ is 4Tel's complete Light Rail Management System, click below to download the 4LRMS™ flyer

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