Passenger Information and Timetable Management for ferry operations

Optimisation and Efficiency

4Tel provides software solutions to improve efficiency and accessibility for ferry operators

4Tel have developed an on-board timetable management tablet for ferry masters to manage assigned timetables, provide real-time information on ferry performance against timetable and display passenger count information. This ensures accurate timetable variance tracking and management.

The 4Tel ferry package can also include the 4PIDS™ software which is compatible with multi-modal transport networks, ensuring information for different services can be connected. Voice-over-IP technology and connected Passenger Help Points ensure information is accessible for all passengers. Real time information can also be accessed by staff to aid them in their role.

The 4PIDS™ systems collates real-time tracking data with timetables to display the best available real-time information on running services to operations, customer facing staff and passengers. This information can be distributed to various back-office programs to allow exchange of information between systems

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Keys to success

For a ferry network to be successful ferries need to seamlessly connect to other transport services with clear and accurate real-time information available for both passengers and staff. Ferries are a unique transport mode as peak times can fluctuate unpredictably with weather and special events. Accurate and easily accessible information is critical. 4Tel provide the services to record, access and display these key metrics. 

Key Products for Ferry Operators



4Trak™ Mobile Tracking System provides real-time tracking of mobile assets and field workers using GPS data from vehicle-mounted devices or mobile handsets. 

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4PIDS™ is 4Tel's Passenger Information Display System. 4PIDS™ collects and displays real-time, multimodal information for passengers and operations staff. 

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4Trip™ is a comprehensive software planning tool enabling staff to create and distribute timetables with layers of precedence in a single interface.

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Information Flyer

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To find out more information or to request a demonstration please get in contact with us via our contact page.
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