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4Trak Mobile Tracking System

The 4Trak Mobile Tracking System provides the real-time tracking of mobile assets and field workers using GPS data from vehicle-mounted devices or mobile handsets. The system includes a web server to display data over an Internet or Intranet, and specialised 4Trak Mobile software for smartphone and tablet devices. The system allows also Voice-over-IP calling between users as a total communications system. 


4Trak displays data on standard Internet, smartphone and tablet browsers.  The system uses ordinary mobile Internet data services to connect to remote devices. By using the best of public Internet technologies in a private operational network, new productivity tools and service options can be offered as they mature in the public environment.

The system is designed for use on the secure side of a company’s computer network firewalls within an Intranet.  This is usually necessary to keep company data fully isolated from any public access.  So while 4Trak can be used over Google Maps or any external mapping data if an open Internet deployment is preferred (and noting the security issue), its distinctive feature is that it has its own layered mapping data.  Further, 4Trak can operate over any private mapping data that might already be used internally by a customer.  The only condition in this regard is that the mapping data is accurately geo-referenced.  For example, this feature may be useful for a large complex mine site where a company already has accurate mapping in general use.

Any user mobile equipment being tracked needs to connect to the 4Trak server via a mobile data service to establish a data connection for reporting GPS location.  If an always–on data service is used like mobile IP, then the devices can be tracked in real-time.  Any loss of mobile service coverage prevents real-time tracking, but any collected data is transmitted once connectivity is re-established.


4Trak is designed to improve productivity by increasing situational awareness to all users.  All collected data is logged to create a history of information for improved decision making.

The business benefit of 4Trak is that it increases productivity by allowing better remote management of mobile users and part of a larger safety management system, improves safety in single-person operations by monitoring their location against any safety criteria, with an emergency “man-down” one-button call.

4Trak also can be configured as a total communication system using Voice-over-IP to talk to any user being tracked. This feature allows “see it; say it™” functionality on any web page, smartphone or tablet, and avoids the need for any staff to look up a mobile user’s telephone number.  This reduces wasted time and increase staff productivity.

Other Users

4Trak is in use with many large clients in Australia. They include John Holland Rail across the NSW Country Rail Network and the Australian Rail Track Corporation across the Australian Defined Interstate Rail Network, amongst others.

4Tel Mobile Tracking System product suite includes:

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