4WPS - Worksite Protection System

The 4Tel 4WPS™ is a worksite protection solution using real-time location data of trains, Protection Officers and track machines to create a virtual geo-worksite boundary to alert workers of approaching trains. This virtual alert and reporting system allows for real-time monitoring of staff on busy rail corridors giving management optimal visibility of staff in the field.

The 4WPS™ system is a combination of Master Control Units, Personal Alert Devices, and a Web-Application which can be used on a smartphone or desktop computer. Each use GPS, radio and GSM networks.

The unique feature of this technology solution is it is able to generate live reporting to a centralised location for maximum visibility and quick accurate reporting of events, minimising human error and increasing staff efficiencies.

The suite is designed to improve situational awareness around worksites by:

  • Displaying the locations of trains, worksite, vehicles and field staff to web and smartphone users;
  • Complementing formal track protection processes with a real-time information services overlay;
  • Creating real-time alarms by detecting the movement of trains/vehicles across geo-fenced boundaries;
  • Assisting rail operations management staff with real-time situational appreciation;
  • Using ARA Competency Cards as an integrated control for ensuring correctly certified staff are operating worksites.

4WPS™ supplements existing safe working methods and is not a substitute for replacing formal methods already in service.

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