4WPS-MCU/SCU - Master and Secondary Control Units

4WPS MCUSCU 2As part of 4WPS, Master and Secondary Control units are used at a worksite to delineate worksite boundaries and mark them for display on remote tracking systems using GPS data reporting. This data is then used by the 4WPS server to create electronic boundaries called geo-fences to alert worksite staff of unauthorised entry to their worksite.

The Master Control Unit (MCU) monitors all tracked movements around a worksite and communications back to a network 4WPS server. One or more Secondary Control Units (SCU) monitors geo-fence boundaries at the edge of a worksite under the distributed control of the MCU. If any track vehicle crosses a geo-fence line, which is marked by both an imaginary line and a physical electronic break-line across the track, then alarms are generated. These alarms are then forwarded to all worksite parties via the site MCU and then to the central 4WPS server for onwards alerting to all concerned train control staff.

4WPS-MCU/SCU features:
  • Always-on monitoring of worksite location data
  • Monitoring of a physical barrier at a geo-fence to generate an alarm if the safety circuit is broken by a track vehicle
  • The monitoring of many site parameters
  • Automatic alarm reporting
  • Use of a specialised 4WPS server as the host processor

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