4PTW – 4Tel’s Permit-To-Work System

4PTW is an electronic Permit-To-Work system for managing authorities to support track maintenance activities. The system includes a mobile application (app) for use by protection officers (PO) and a central server to integrate this into the train control environment.

4PTW addresses the issues and concerns highlighted in the Rail Safety Report 2014-2015 from the Office of the National Rail Safety Regulator (ONRSR).  This paper acknowledges that “Worksite protection in Australia relies heavily on rules and procedures to protect people undertaking rail safety work. These administrative controls are highly vulnerable to human error and potential consequence of non-compliance can be fatal”. 

4PTW improves the safety, efficiency and effectiveness of track maintenance activities through the use of mobile app technology and integrated engineering controls.  It provides a complete solution for all maintenance activities in the corridor without reliance on administrative controls, voice communications or hand-written authorities.

The 4PTW process:

• A Protection Officer contacts the Network Control Officer (NCO) to apply for a TOA, PO provides worksite details
• The NCO applies the blocking in the Train Control System and sends the TOA details to the PO via the ETW app
• PO reviews the proposed TOA, confirms location on map and accepts
• GPS data allows the PO to see their exact location and ensure they are within their worksite limits.
• If an extension of time is required, the PO can request this through the app.
• Once the work is completed the TOA can be fulfilled through the app.

4PTW is a versatile digital solution, it can be used for various types of work-on-track methods and authorities including Track Order Authorities (TOAs), Work in Corridor and Look Out Working. The app can also be used for track-vehicle journeys, overlapping authorities and authorities following a train. Updates can be sent through to the Protection Officer via SMS and if necessary, phone calls can be initiated from within the app.

4PTW Advantages:

• Gives track workers the same level of protection as a train
• Reduces human error in verbal communications
• Greater location assurance, limiting exposure to potentially unsafe situations
• Improved ability to confirm arrangements have been accurately communicated
• Easily integrated into the control room, reducing reliance on voice relay exchange and paper-based forms
• Dynamic alerts delivered to warn of limits of authority

There are three levels of deployment available to meet specific business needs:

  • Level 1: Electronic messaging between train control environment and PO mobile app
  • Level 2: Level 1 plus integration with a centralised vital Interlocking
  • Level 3: Level 2 plus on-board enforcement of track vehicles/work trains

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ETW app map view

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