4Tel’s 4Trip™ is a comprehensive train planning software solution for managing the development and release of service timetables, including the planning of work on track activities. 4Trip™ enables planning staff to create and manage train paths weeks in advance of the day of operation, with the ability to  amend the train plan and re-release as needed.  4Trip™ advanced planning functionality allows better  management of trains and track work.

4Trip™ enables train planning staff  to use a baseline Standard Working Timetable as the basis for creating and releasing the Daily Working Timetable.   4Trip™ enable several levels of precedence to be applied including daily working timetables, and special event working timetables,  enabling customisation of the timetable for public holidays or specific maintenance requirements.  4Trip™ can schedule as far as business requirements require, with review and alteration capacity.


4Trip™ is designed for integration with live operations, which is then captured in the reporting and billing systems. This alignment of the train plan with actual train running data provides a picture of how train operations are performing against the train plan on the day of operations.

As a stand-alone system, 4Trip™ has been designed to integrate harmoniously into the control room environment complimenting existing operational systems based on individual site and network requirements.  4Trip™ can be customised  to meet the specific customer network rules and business operating procedures.

4Trip™ is part of 4Tel’s continued efforts to create a digitised railway, using the best of internet-of-things technology to improve safety, increase situational awareness, and empower operations staff  with dynamic tools for better operations management.

4Trip™ Features
  • Use of a Web Browser 

  • An open architecture for data interoperability

  • Low cost to deploy

  • Automatic Reporting

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