4ASW - Advanced Safeworking System

4ASW Capability

4Tel can provide a proven, virtual-block, communications-based train control solution for optimised regional and remote rail network operations. The solution called 4ASW, is a world-class digital railway operating environment, using proven-in-service systems, the latest in data systems, as well as software and broadband communications. It maximises the safety, reliability and efficiency of both below and above-rail operations between the pit and port, for improving network capacity and efficiency. Further, being a modern, fully digital railway control system, it can readily evolve to fully automated operations in the future with the addition of extra locomotive on-board processing.

Positive Train Control History

4ASW is a Positive Train Control system that is not tied into any wayside signalling systems infrastructure by vital communications. Indeed, it does not even need vital field infrastructure. In lieu, 4ASW uses GPS location-based precision to manage rail operations at the network-wide level by implementing a centralised interlocking as a vital process. This style of system is called a virtual-block, Communications-Based Train Control (CBTC) system. As a CBTC based system, 4ASW provides precision train control, maintenance staff permits-to-work, and locomotive performance reporting at the network level. 4ASW delivers significant benefits to rail operations from its continuous, accurate and real-time information flow which allows dynamic train running prioritisation, improved running time reliability, improved track capacity and improved asset utilisation.

Safety Accreditation

4ASW comes with a history of previous safety accreditation to the Office of the National Rail Safety Regulator (ONRSR) for "Safety Integrity Level – 2" (SIL-2) operations network-wide in Australia.

4ASW Benefits

4ASW provides the following benefits to operations:

  • A fully-featured, locally-developed, digital railway solution using the best of modern technology with a proven history of safety accreditation in Australia
  • Continuous, accurate, real-time information flow which allows dynamic train running prioritisation, improved running time reliability, and improved track capacity
  • Inherent safety, flexibility and scalability to rail operations by the use of virtual-blocks and modern safety-accredited vital processes
  • GPS precision location to provide real-time visibility of all trains, track vehicles, road vehicles and staff on the network in real-time
  • Improved safety in managing track work and train working as vital processes

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