Network Control Systems

4Tel has a suite of train control and communications products that can be customised to create a specific management system for a rail Network Management Centre. The product suite is capable of monitoring and controlling rail infrastructure in both local and remote locations, using few staff and at low costs.

The suite includes a rail vehicle detection system (4TRAFFIK), a radio-based train order electronic authority system (4ETA), an assets management system (4ASSETS™), and a complete train access, reporting and billing system (4ABS). All software technologies have interoperable interfaces with industry specific devices to maximise data re-use between systems and lower deployment costs.

Rail Network Control as a Complete Management Solution

4Tel can provide a total end-to-end solution for the fit-out of a large, modern, train network management centre.  4Tel designed and built a new Network Management Centre (NMC) for John Holland Rail in Newcastle for controlling the NSW Country Rail Network. The system was successfully commissioned into operational service on 16 January 2012. 

The NMC comprises three types of workstations:

  • Rail Vehicle Detection (RVD) Centralised Train Control (CTC)
  • Train Order Working (TOW), and
  • Specialist network maintenance terminals

4Tel designed the complete installation, including power, emergency generators, cabling, lighting, work stations, servers, screens, voice communications, recording, train radio interfaces and software configuration, and commissioned into service in less than 12 months.

For more information please read the John Holland Rail Case Study or contact us directly.


4Tel Network Control Systems products suite includes:

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