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4Site homeThe 4Site Infrastructure Monitoring System is designed to monitor the status of remote field equipment. The software has the capability to alert nominated staff to servicing and other maintenance issues when certain alarms or conditions occur, allowing for a more efficient and reliable system for operation. It is compatible with many legacy and current field Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems, but uses a common web interface for ordinary viewing.


4Site display field infrastructure data to standard internet, smartphone and tablet browsers. It uses ordinary data connectivity to connect to remote field devices by any available telecommunications network. By using the best of public internet technologies in a private operational network, new productivity tools and service options can be offered as they mature in the public environment.

Real-time data is collected from field devices via an IP data service.  The system then stores the data into a large data base and processes the data for display via a web server for the internet or intranet.  The output can also be used by specialised 4Site Mobile software on smartphone and tablet devices.

In operation, legacy SCADA systems are not modified, but rather a specific software driver is developed by 4Tel staff to provide a common interface to a 4Site server. This approach is inherently scalable because even though a field network may comprise thousands of devices and many SCADA networks, only one driver is required for a given device type or network to present an appropriate interface to 4Site.  By using an ordinary browser to display data, SCADA settings and output can be more widely used by a work force or management.

4Site uses automated email, text messaging and the extensible mark-up language (XML) data standard for external communications, so all collected data and alarms can be sent to staff or other computers. 4Site data can also be used for back-end office processing and maintenance planning.


By providing a common web-based view of field data to all authorised staff, otherwise difficult to access log files and reports can assist maintenance staff to more quickly remotely diagnose faults and trends.  This increases staff productivity and reduces travel time to remote sites for maintenance fault-finding.

Many field devices have no local storage for status of alarm indications,  so real-time reporting to a central server allows historical data files on a device to be created for subsequent analysis.  This data allows structured maintenance to be based on data trends rather than simply one-off alarms and results in significant productivity gains in staff time.

Other Users

4Site Infrastructure Monitoring Systems are currently deployed by John Holland Rail for field infrastructure monitoring across the NSW Country Rail Network and by the Australian Rail Track Corporation (ARTC) across some of the Australian Defined Interstate Rail Network.  The system is proven to be able to manage many thousands of devices, allowing companies and staff to remotely monitor and manage equipment for effective and efficient use. 

4Site Features:
  • Consistent view to all field devices and SCADA networks
  • Browser for webpage display
  • Reduces training needs through web browser accessibility
  • Allows alarms and condition reports to be automatically sent to specific users
  • Removes need to replace SCADA or field equipment to obtain modern functionality
  • Allows all collected data and alarms to be stored for data-mining

4Tel Infrastructure Monitoring System products include:

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