Derel Wust presents at the UIC Global Signalling & Telecom Conference in New Delhi

On the 21st March 2013, Derel Wust presented a paper at the International Conference on Train Control Command Signaling and Radio-Communication Conference which took place at the Manekshaw Convention Center in Delhi.

Derel presented “Radio Communications Status in Australia – Future plans”, which focused on radio and technology systems issues and what initiatives have been implemented to address them. He spoke in some detail about the status of GSM-R system development and radio spectrum assignments in the capital cities, and the train radio system used on the interstate lines. He also discussed the approach to achieving rail systems interoperability using open-system technology standards.

The International Conference on Train Control Command Signaling and Radio-Communication organised by UIC, Indian Railways and RailTel Corporation of India Ltd. The aim of the conference was to enable international cooperation and exchange on latest technologies, needs and requirements and the future of the industry. Approximately 600 signaling and telecommunication specialists gathered at this event.

The UIC selected 30 speakers from areas such as train operating companies, infrastructure managers and railway suppliers to present on subjects such as:

  • Practical, real implementation of systems and lessons learned
  • Interoperability, modularity and inter-changeability
  • Consequences of rapid developments of technology – especially in the IT and radio communication – IP introduction
  • Increased role of common norms and standards in a globalised technology world
  • Supply with guarantees for efficient life cycle operation
  • Decisions on new regional railway projects.

The conference was a great success with an increase in international understanding of the major technology issues presently facing the rail industry in Australia.

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