4TRAK OPERATIONS MOBILE APP - For Smart Phones and Tablets

4TrakOppsMobile Timetable4Trak Operations Mobile App ("4Trak Ops") is a suite of application software clients for smartphones and tablets that allow network-wide 4Trak GPS data to be displayed on a user device. The software also allows emergency alerting and voice calls to trains, vehicles and staff.

The business benefit of 4Trak Ops is that it increases productivity by allowing better situational awareness to mobile users and improves safety of their work by monitoring their location against any safety criteria, with an emergency “man-down” one-button call.

4Trak Ops also can be configured as a total communication system using Voice-over-IP to talk to any user being displayed.  This feature allows “see it; say it™” functionality on any smartphone or tablet, and avoids the need for any mobile staff to look up a tracked user’s telephone number.  This reduces wasted time and increase staff productivity.

4TRAK Operations Mobile App features:

  • Improves situational awareness by viewing all tracked users around the smartphone or tablet
  • Allows emergency and routine one-button calling
  • Automates alarm reporting
  • Allows VoIP touch-screen calling to any displayed user
  • Always-on tracking when connected over the Internet
  • Software is available for modern mobile devices; e.g. iPhone, Android, etc.
  • Uses the 4Trak server as the host processor

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