4TRAFFIK - A Rail Vehicle Detection System

4Traffik4Tel can offer a modern, low-cost, computer-based rail vehicle detection system for controlling train movements in remote track-circuited areas. The solution is specifically designed to achieve accreditation with Australian regulatory authorities while providing advanced functionality.

4TRAFFIK can interface to all modern field-signaling technology using industry standard interfaces. The software also provides direct links to other train operating systems including wayside, train planning, reporting and train radio systems. The advanced graphical interface provides the network controller a distinct schematic display with intuitive control functions.

4TRAFFIK features:

  • Flexible route setting functionality
  • Advanced blocking functions for managing track staff access to the track
  • Intuitive train control diagram
  • Train describer/timetabling functions
  • Sophisticated data and alarm logging functions
  • Information pop-ups for infrastructure identification
  • Advanced alarm management
  • Intelligent train planning functions
  • Integration with level crossings and other rail/rolling stock equipment
  • Ability to integrate with other infrastructure equipment and systems
  • Very high levels of availability/reliability
  • Intuitive context sensitive pop-up menus for signaling control objects

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