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4Tel provides outsourcing services, technical products, consulting and contracting support to a wide industry base, including Defence, Telecommunications, Emergency Services and Transport (rail and buses). The company has engineering and technical staff with expertise in the fields of large radio and satellite systems, SCADA networks, train control systems, next generation IP data networking, software development and real-time command and control networks. Projects managed are typically very large and range to multi-million dollar projects over many years.

4Tel Pty Ltd has the following specific capabilities:

  • Rail Network Management Centre products, operations and maintenance support
  • Rail network control systems comprising Train Order Working (TOW), Rail Vehicle Detection (RVD) control systems software and train radio systems
  • Mobile asset location tracking and staff worksite protection systems
  • Consulting or project engineers in rail systems, telecommunications and data technology
  • Design & implementation of data, radio and satellite solutions
  • SCADA telemetry configuration, commissioning & management systems.

4Tel has developed a suite of train control and communications products that can be customised to create a specific management system for a rail Network Management Centre. The product suite is capable of monitoring and controlling rail infrastructure in both local and remote locations, using few staff and at low costs. The suite includes a rail vehicle detection system (4TRAFFIK), a radio-based train order Electronic Train Authority system (4ETA), an assets management system (4ASSETS), and a complete train access, reporting and billing system (4ABS), and other systems.

Image below – 4Tel designed, installed and now maintains the control technology used on the NSW Country Regional Rail Network




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